Science Teachers’ Meeting
The Galton Institute is holding a free Science Teachers’ Genetics Training meeting on 30 June, 2015 at The Nowgen Centre in Manchester. We intend to cover topics in the new science curriculum, see our programme here. Contact Betty Nixon.

Mate Choice the 2015 Galton Institute conference will be on 11th November at The Royal Society. The Galton Lecture will be given by Professor Alan Bittles on the topic of consanguineous marriages across the world and their consequences. Whilst admission is free we do require a payment from all attendees of £10 towards the cost of a deli sandwich lunch and coffee and tea throughout the day.  See the programme here. Entrance is strictly by ticket, available from the General Secretary: betty.nixon@talk21.com. See Contact page for mailing address. 

Genetics in Medicine, the 2014 Galton Institute conference was on 4th November at The Royal Society and. Click here for the programme.

Fourth Occasional Paper published
The fourth paper in our Occasional Papers series has just been published. It is titled Genetics in Medicine – 2. Adult Life and can be read here. Hard copies can be obtained from the General Secretary.

Third Occasional Paper
The third paper in our Occasional Papers series is the companion paper to the fourth paper above and is titled Genetics in Medicine – 1. Conception and Early Life and can be read here. Hard copies can be obtained from the General Secretary.

Galton Institute-funded workshops
The Galton Institute runs a small Grants for Conferences scheme, which provides up to £1000 to support relevant conferences and workshops.

The latest issue has now been posted to members. If you haven't received your copy, let Betty Nixon know. Click here to view on online copy.

Annual General Meeting
Although members are welcome to attend the Institute's Annual General Meeting, the business is usually very formal and is normally completed in less than 15 minutes. Any member wishing to ask a question at the meeting is requested to put it in writing to the General Secretary no later than two weeks before the meeting, so that any necessary research can be undertaken beforehand.

Member's Database
We are building up a database of members' email addresses. If you are a Galton Institute member and the General Secretary does not have your email, please let her know.



The Galton Institute is a learned society concerned with all aspects of human inheritance. These include molecular genetics, genetic medicine, genetic epidemiology, population genetics and population dynamics, human evolution, elements of psychology and the statistical analysis of inherited traits.