Grants from the Artemis Trust

The Artemis Trust is wholly owned by the Galton Institute.  It was established in 2016 and evolved from the Birth Control Trust, founded in 1977, with extremely narrow objectives.  The wider ranging objectives of the Artemis Trust as approved by the Charity Commission are:

      To preserve and protect the physical and mental health of people, particularly but not only those from poorer communities, in particular by:

  • assisting in the provision of fertility control and other measures to improve reproductive and sexual health;  and
  • advancing education in all aspects of reproductive and sexual health.

The maximum grant available is £15,000 p.a. and full details and application form can be found here.   We are currently committed to a project for 2019 but are seeking applications for a grant to start in 2020.  The deadline for applications is 22 November, 2019.