Microscopic image of liquid crystalline DNA Mike Davidson, Florida State University

The Galton Institute is a charity set up in its current format in 1989 as a multidisciplinary organisation to address the many questions raised by the scientific exploration of human heredity. It promotes education and public engagement with not only the current science but also with its origins and history.

The charity changed its name to the Galton Institute from the Eugenics Society, originally founded as the Eugenics Education Society in 1907. The EES was one of many eugenics societies globally that actively upheld eugenic ideas, which were later discredited and rejected following the atrocities of the Nazi regime in Germany and of other governments, institutions and individuals worldwide.

The current Galton Institute has disassociated itself completely from any interest in the theory and practice of eugenics, but recognises the importance of the acknowledgement and preservation of its historical records in the interest of improving awareness of the 20th century eugenics movements in the social and political context of the times.


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