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Due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic this Galton Institute Conference has been rescheduled to 2023. 

Genetic studies of populations: Insights into health and social outcomes 

The Royal Society by Kaihsu Tai

Francis Galton pioneered the collection of phenotype data through collecting family histories and through his well-known anthropometric laboratory at the International Health Exhibition in London, in 1884. He utilised such data to demonstrate the heritable nature of human traits, and their analysis contributed to the development of correlation and regression as statistical techniques.

The UK has played a major role in the development of population-based epidemiological investigations which have enhanced our understanding of the interplay of genes and the environment and the role of genes in our social context.  The recent ability to measure genetic variation in large population samples – most notably in the UK Biobank study – has heralded an unprecedented era of investigations of genotype to phenotype links.  Now is an excellent time to take stock of this activity, with a celebration of its past and its future potential.  This meeting will bring together representatives of key national and international studies, together with those who have utilised such data in interesting and informative ways.


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