The Galton Institute rejects the eugenic past

The Galton Institute rejects outright the theoretical basis and practice of coercive eugenics, which it regards as having no place in modern life. Galton’s idea of ‘eugenics’ was based on concepts and hypotheses that served to create artificial hierarchies and division between peoples of different class, ethnicity and culture. The Galton Institute wishes to state clearly and unequivocally that it deplores these outmoded and discredited ideas, which should play no part in society today.

Nonetheless, Sir Francis Galton made many profound contributions to the development of genetic science and genetic medicine, in particular the development of measurement and definition of inherited characteristics, still used daily in current medical practice. It is for this reason that the Galton Institute believes that Galton’s contribution to modern science deserves to be recognised and acknowledged.

The Galton Institute encourages diversity in its membership, and welcomes applications from individuals from all sectors of society who have an interest in the current aims and activities of the Galton Institute.