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Archives relating to Sir Francis Galton

The Galton Collection at University College, London

Sir Francis Galton bequeathed a collection of objects to UCL on his death in 1911. These objects, which include Galton’s personal effects, custom-made instruments used in his research and objects from the Galton Laboratory now compose the Galton Collection within UCL Museums and Collections. The Galton Collection is now a resource for teaching at UCL and for researchers with an interest in the history of science. The collection can be searched and viewed online.
The Galton Archive at University College, London

The Galton Archive of papers and manuscripts are held in the UCL Special Collections. These are part of UCL Library Services, which is a separate department from UCL Museums. Sir Francis Galton’s papers kept at UCL are now included in the Wellcome Trust’s digital Codebreakers project.


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